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Health information management has sub-branches

*Admission unit

The hospital admission unit is divided into two admission units for international patients and admission to normal patients

*Admission hours are from 7 am to 22 pm on normal days and from 7 am to 17 pm on holidays

The emergency reception unit is open 24 hours a day patient admission from other health center is possible only through coordination with nursing management

*usually, before the patient returns to the admission unit, the patient`s first and main medical treatment is performed in the clinic then the patient is referred to the admission

* in the order to adhere to the principles of safety and proper identification of the patient at the time of the patient`s admission, the wrist strap is provided with the patient`s specification and must be placed on the right wrist of the patient

* the patient wrist has three colors , which are presented to the patient in accordance with announcement of a respected  medical  treatment and a nursing field and placed on the right wrist of the patient

* Red color: for patients with allergies

* Yellow: for patient `s at risk, such as patients who are prone to fall, a pressure ulcer, or a thermobomb, etc….

* White color: for other patients

*How to pray for any type of financial or patient expenses is through the hospital`s financial fund the payment of the cost is prohibited under any heading or other form


Acceptance steps

1-      Referral  of the patient or accompanying  the patient to the admission unit on the ground floor of hospital , with the order of the admission of the physician , along with a checklist and valid identification card

2-      Registration of the patient`s identify information by the reception staff in the computer system of the hospital and the cost of living according to the private sector tariffs and patient guidance to the fund unit adjacent to the reception on the ground floor

3-      Completion of the patient`s case after paying for the patient`s case after paying for the patient`s advise to the triage unit on the ground floor to perform preoperative medical and paraclinical work

*Required Documents for filing handbook for patient care and copy of the patient`s first handbook ( a note that is approved by the hospital , which is included in the insurance section) the notebook must be dated on valid

*principle and copy of national patient card (patients who do not have a national patient card (patients who do not have a national card are required to have a birth certificate)

*Copy medical records like sonography , MRI ECG ,CT scan test and etc…

*take medications and other records if you have at home, and provide preoperative anesthetic

*counseling during your visit

Patients who are hospitalized with supplementary insurance must contact the admissions department two or three days before the appointment and receive letters from their insurance company for receiving the letter of introduction to the filing of the case

*single girls who are covered by parental insurance are required to have booklet and birth certificate

Required documents for submission to supplementary insurance

1-      Principle of hospital bill with hospital stamp and hospital accounting  stamp and memorial hospital fund

2-      Micro factor medication and testing and supplies with stamp and signature

3-      Description of practice with and signature  of the operating room anesthetic surgery  (leaflet specification description of the procedure should be  complete )

4-      Copy of anesthetic leaf with the seal and signature of the doctor of anesthesia  and the operating room ( in the anesthetic leaf , the start of the anesthetic , the types of model  codes are clear)

5-      Anesthesia certificate , in which the anesthetic start time and the end of it are known

6-      Certificate of surgeon`s help

7-      Copy to the principle of the consultation sheet ( the consultation sheet must contain the Application , signature , the advise and date

8-      Patients who have been affected by the incident are obliged to  write an abstract and triage leaf  and the history of the cause  of incident must be specified

9-      If you are use medical equipment ,the medical equipment ,the medical equipment invoice must have the following conditions


1-      Includes patient name and surname

2-      Economic code of medical product

3-      Seal and signature medical goods

4-      Address and telephone medical goods

5-      Confirmation of the insurance and validation officer in charge of the operating room and the city , the operation of the patient and the installation of its label on the description of the operation

6-      Date of invoice corresponds to the date of the operation description

Clearance unit

The discharge unit is divided into two units of international patient`s discharge and clearance of normal patients

To increase the awareness of patients and the use of the waiting time for respectable companions to receive the patient`s pamphlets and educational pamphlets  on diseases and  health and treatment issues which is available in the box installed in the reception area , and respectable visitors can  add to their scientific information by studying them


Clearance steps

1-      Register a discharge order by a doctor in a patient file in the department

2-      Referral of the case to the unit of clearance and registration of the patient`s discharge in the hospital computer system

3-      Calculation of the cost by the clearance personnel according to the tariff approved by the medical system

4-      Referral of the patient to the fund unit in order to receive or repay the remainder of the cost and get the exit letter from the hospital in 3 copies

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