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This office is located on the fifth floor of the hospital. All around management focuses on providing quality nursing services through the design of key nursing processes and checklist for control and evaluation in the nursing office as group work hospital nursing management is a full time occupation and the task of planning and coordinating the work of the nursing group for 24 hour presence at all levels  in the hospital , especially emergency , knowledge of the problems and shortcoming of the nursing group , supervising good practice in nursing , coordinating with specialized hospital groups coordinating with hospital management , supervising the good performance of hospital nursing services and supervising the performance of supervisors are the duties of the nursing director.

Nursing staff include nursing, supervisors (clinical Educational, health Education and infection control) nurse and clerks.

  • Metron ( Nursing Director) : DR. Toba  Peyro
  • Supportive control of infection : Zahra Eslahi
  • Educational supervisor and expert on  patient
  • Safety  coordinator : Mahsa Malihi

The basis processes of nursing management are:

  • Evaluation management ( control and supervision )
  • Education management
  • Management planning

The nursing office, through supervisors, monitors based on predefined plan for providing quality nursing services, various treatment units (departments and clinics) and the results are announced in writing to the relevant units and provide appropriate feedback.

Educational needs of nursing staff are planned and implemented on the basis of these assessments as well as through the form PDF and the intership and outsourced training courses are designed to empower the staff

  • All new nursing staff are familiar with the general responsibilities of hospital and nursing at the time of admission through classes and workshops in general and specialized and in the curriculum , they are trained in induction and familiarzation

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